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Arizona Chemical demonstrates the strength of tall oil refining innovations

Again, in Stockholm at the International Wood Biorefining Week, Arizona Chemical, the world´s No 1 in biorefining the Crude Tall Oil (CTO), will demonstrate the importance of its industry as a key factor in promoting the intelligent and sustainable bioeconomy. As at the PulPaper 2014 in Helsinki, the company will initiate and inspire debate on the true value-adding elements in bioeconomy, on solutions far ahead of the narrowest concept of biofuel production. In Helsinki 2014, the panel discussion of the tall oil refiners with distinguished speakers was one of the best attended forums of the fair.

The production and biorefining of pine chemicals is an excellent example of the value adding capacity of smart bio-based product solutions. Arizona Chemical refines and upgrades CTO in its biorefineries in Sweden, Finland and elsewhere in Europe as well as in the US into widest range of innovative bio-based specialty chemicals. The CTO-based solutions replace fossil-based materials in thousands of everyday products such as adhesives, paints, cleaners, coatings, tapes, labels, roofing materials, tires, lubricants and fuel additives. The basic idea in all those innovations is not only to offer a green alternative to the versatile producers of consumer and industry products, but clearly improve the functionality of these commodities.

CTO-based specialty chemicals delivered by Arizona Chemical enable the increased high-end reuse of recovered asphalt, reduce sulphur in diesel fuel and improve the strength and stability of tackifiers as well as durability and visibility of road markings.

CTO, a highly appreciated co-product of kraft pulping process, originates from the pine tree resin. It’s refining into specialty chemicals further used in hundreds of applications remarkably extends the length of the forests based value chain. It is also a concrete and successful case example of the industrial symbiosis of forest and chemical industries. As the availability of CTO is linearly dependent of the pulp production volumes, this valuable and renewable yet scarce material should be refined as smartly as possible in order to utilize its highest potential.

Arizona Chemical has developed excellence in pine chemical biorefining already since 1930´s and continues its work in finding further new possibilities of renewable materials. Arizona Chemical is the world´s leading biorefiner of pine chemicals. The company is committed to making the world healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient. Arizona Chemical is a Kraton company.   

Photo: Arizona Chemical biorefinery in Sandarne, Sweden