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Our Visitor Service answer questions about our venue and our exhibitions on a daily basis. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you plan your visit in the best possible way.

Do you have an ATM?
Yes, we have two ATMs in the Entrance Hall and one at the East entrance. As long queues tend to form for the ATM during our popular public weekends, we strongly advise you to take out money before your visit.

When the bank is closed, Älvsjö town centre is just a five-minute walk from Stockholmsmässan. There is also an ATM there.

Which cards do you accept in your checkouts?
We accept Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa and Maestro. We also accept the following currencies in our entrance booths: Euros, Norwegian kroner, Danish kroner, British Pounds and US Dollars.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?
The kiosk in the entrance hall (Pressbyrån) have a few offerings. There is also a pharmacy in Älvsjö town centre, and one i the supermarket Willys, both within a five-minute walk from Stockholmsmässan.

Do you have children’s strollers to borrow?
Yes, there are strollers you can borrow from the Information Center in the Entrance Hall. You will need to be able to show valid ID to borrow a stroller and it is not possible to book them in advance.

Do you have lockers?
Yes, we have a small number of lockers in Gallery A. A small locker costs 20 SEK and a large locker costs 30 SEK.

Do you have checkroom facilities and does it cost anything to use them?
There are checkrooms by the Entrance Hall in the Hall A and Hall B gallery, in Hall C and next to the Congress Foyer. You will be charged for using the checkrooms.

Do you have an elevator?
Yes, we have an elevator in Gallery A.

Are you allowed to bring your dog to exhibitions?
Dogs are not allowed to accompany their owners inside the exhibition center: The only exception we make is for assistance dogs. Obviously, show dogs are allowed into our dog shows.

Do you have a kiosk-style newsagent?
There is a Pressbyrå kiosk in the Entrance Hall.

Do you have a sickroom?
Yes, we have a sickroom at Stockholmsmässan. It is located between Gallery A and B, behind the Pressbyrå kiosk.

Do you have a special room for nursing mothers?
There is no special room for nursing mothers at Stockholmsmässan.

Can I pay cash at the automatic pay stations?
Yes, you can pay cash. There are money-changing machines by the Main and East entrances.

Room of Silence
Stockholmsmässan provide a room of silence, where you who need a peaceful moment during your visit can use for prayer, devotion or the like. Please contact our information desk for more information and access to the room.