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Carbon fiber

2016-05-25 09:15 - 10:30

Premises K11

Carbon fiber has been the optimal material for high strength and low weight for some time now. It is good, but it is expensive and not sustainable. Carbon fiber produced from wood could start a revolution for the use of this light material, including the use of this sustainable and light material in vehicles. A win-win situation for environment and industry. How close are we to this revolution?

Moderator: Mikael Lindström, Innventia

Demonstation of lignin-based carbon fibres for composites & batteries

Anders Uhlin (Innventia), Birgitha Nyström, (Swerea SICOMP) & Per Tomani (Innventia)
Medförfattare: Göran Lindbergh (KTH), & Tord Gustafsson (Blatraden)

Lignin from biomass is today in focus as an important bio-based resource for future materials, chemicals and fuels. We will present a demonstration project (Hypotesprövning) where some opportunities for lignin is pointed out using a RC model car as the platform. The car roof was made as a sandwich construction using a composite manufactured from lignin-based carbon fibres and a PET core. There are several aspects to consider when going from fibres to composites. This was exemplified by making the RC car demonstrator roof. The potential to use lignin-based carbon fibres in batteries, cathode in a lithium battery and lignin as a anode binder, was demonstrated in the RC car power supply. Co-financing by BioInnovation and companies (i.e. Holmen, Södra skogsägarna, Mercer, SCA and Blatraden) mainly in the Innventia Research Programme. The work was done by Innventia (project leader), Swerea SICOMP, KTH and Blatraden (a Swedish SME).

Discussion: Building value in carbon fiber
Lignin based carbon fiber is a very promising innovation from a technical standpoint. But we
also need to build a viable business model, where all parties involved can make a profit. Can we form such a model today?

Mikael Lindström and speakers