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2016-05-25 13:30 - 15:00

Premises K16

In this session we will gain insights into the development of new value chains from the forest. “Locally grown plastics” and “Forest Methanol” are two ongoing efforts, where stakeholders along the value chains – from the forest owner to the consumer market – gather forces in order to realize forest-based value chains to replace common fossil-based materials and chemicals. These development projects sprung out of a collaboration project between Swedish forest industry and petrochemical industry clusters, which was called “Forest Chemistry”.
Realization of the bioeconomy will require a transformation of the existing industry and we believe that collaboration over traditional sectoral borders will be needed. Development of new value chains is a long, complex and risky business and the Forest Chemistry was an essential first step in creating the needed trust and collaboration between stakeholders.
In the session we will meet representatives from different parts of the emerging forest-based value chains to learn about their drivers and challenges. Expect to increase your understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of the unfolding bioeconomy and to learn about the results and experiences gained from the Forest Chemistry projects and its spin-off projects.

Chairperson: Jonas Joelsson, R&D Manager, SP Processum AB

From green forest to green plastics
Jonas Joelsso, SP Processum AB, Sweden

Locally grown plastics
Ylwa Alwarsdotter, SEKAB, Sweden

Value generation from sustainable forests
Martin Jonsson, Sveaskog, Sweden

The same plastic – but from a sustainable raw material
Carina Lööf, Trioplast Industrier AB,