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Biomass in industry processes

2016-05-26 09:15 - 10:30

Premises K13

Chairperson: Kjell Andersson, Svebio

The biomass market has so far predominately
been for small-scale heating of single homes,
or for large-scale use in power plants and
heat plants. Now, many other applications are
introduced, like pellets for asphalt production,
bioenergy for middle-sized industries, like
breweries and dairies. But how competitive
are bioenergy compared to coal, gas and oil?
And what incentives are needed to drive the

Biomass in challenging industrial energy applications
Johanna Lindén, PetroBio, Sweden

Pellet solutions for industry processes
Robert Ingvarsson, Janfire, Sweden

Biomass in industry processes
Kari Liukko, Renewa, Finland

Differentiate yourself – Paper packaging for household pellets
Verena Schnedl, Mondi Coatings, Austria