What happens?

Efficient meetings

Like previous exhibitions, the International Pulp & Paper Week will have a clear focus on the pulp and paper industry. Many exhibitors view the Stockholm trade fair as a highly efficient way to communicate their latest ideas and innovations to a large group of relevant and qualitative industry clients in a professional atmosphere.

Social activities

Except the exhibition, the event will be offer a lot of different social events and activities for networking like matchmaking, conferences, company visits and evening activities.

If you need are in need of a banderoll with your logo on it. Please contact us a week before and we will arrange it for you.

The exhibition

The exhibition will offer a wide range of exhibiting options to fit the specific needs of our different exhibitors. You can choose between raw space or ready made solutions depending on your objectives, needs and budget. There will be a conference in the exhibition area in the middle of the hall, also working as a networking area featuring social activities.