Children on the premises

For safety reasons, persons under the age of 18 may not be in the event halls during construction work or tear-down regardless of whether they are alone or accompanied by an adult, this is because our halls are considered to be a construction site during these times. During the official installation and dismantling persons under the age of 16 may not be in the event halls.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs

The consumption of alcohol on Stockholmsmässan’s premises is forbidden during construction and tear-down of events. If you, as an exhibitor, would like to serve beer, wine or spirits in your stand during an event you need to contact Mässrestauranger AB, who has the only liquor license valid on the premises. Mässrestauranger are present at the facility and can provide chilled beverages, glasses and staff. Contact Mässrestauranger via or +46 (0)8-7277240. Smoking is forbidden throughout the entire venue in accordance with Swedish legislation. You may smoke outdoors in designated areas. Under no circumstances may drugs be brought onto Stockholmsmässan’s premises.

Music and images

All playback of music, screening of movies, photography or similar activities in the event halls must comply with copyright legislation. You must obtain Stockholmsmässan’s prior approval for use of your own wireless network. Please contact Event Services for approval and a quotation if required.

Private vehicles

You are not allowed to drive or wheel trailers, cars or other vehicles into the venue without a special permit, which can be acquired from Event Services. The same applies to work machines. Always park your vehicle in designated spaces. Please note that you are not allowed to park in front of gateways, doorways or loading ramps and you are not allowed to leave your engine running in loading zones. Please note that for environmental reasons you are not allowed to let your vehicle idle in or outside the halls. The fuel tank should be fitted with a locked lid. On LPG-powered vehicles, the main tap closest to the tank (container) must be kept closed for safety reasons.

Construction rules

All construction work and structures must comply with the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s Building Regulations (BBR) and Construction Regulations (EKR). All material selections must be classified according to relevant fire safety regulations. (

Limits for construction work

All work that affects Stockholmsmässan’s property may only be carried out by staff authorized by Stockholmsmässan, for example hanging wires from the ceiling, anchoring machines to the floor, attaching devices to columns or beams and connecting electricity and water in floor channels. Exhibitors and stand constructors or organizers are allowed to anchor objects to the floor provided they have obtained prior approval from Stockholmsmässan. Keep in mind that you may not anchor objects closer than one meter to a floor utility channel. Please contact Event Services for more information. You are responsible for restoration after the conclusion of the event. If you fail to comply, Stockholmsmässan will carry out the work and bill you for it.

Financial liability

Stockholmsmässan AB accepts no financial liability whatsoever for costs arising as a result of any waiting times in connection with e.g. installation/dismantling, delivery of products, etc.

Work environment responsibility

In your role as an exhibitor (or organizer), you assume responsibility for construction management and compliance with work environment rules and other applicable laws and rules. Alternatively, you may appoint a construction manager for your stand or construction at the event you are taking part in or organizing. Stockholmsmässan accepts no liability whatsoever for construction design and construction responsibility, unless you order a stand or other construction work directly from Stockholmsmässan. In such cases, we guarantee compliance with relevant legislation and regulations. We accept complete design and construction liability for stands constructed by Stockholmsmässan.

Rubber mallets, dust extractors and climbing

Use a rubber mallet or equivalent to reduce noise levels when installing lighting girders. Climbing on girders is strictly forbidden. Saws, grinders, polishers or similar should be fitted with a dust extractor.

Protective railings

The construction of platforms, stages and catwalks exceeding a height of 60 cm must have a 110 cm handrail.

Safety inspection rounds

Representatives of Stockholmsmässan make regular safety inspection rounds before and during events to minimize risks of injury/damage and to ensure a high level of safety. Any issues raised during an inspection round must be remedied immediately. As an exhibitor or organizer, you will be billed for any costs arising as a result of such issues.

Safety shoes

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the use of safety shoes is a necessity in areas where trucks may be in use. These rules apply at the production areas at Stockholmsmässan, during installation and dismantling of the stand. The employer is responsible for complying with the rules, meaning that you as an exhibitor or external stand builder is responsible for your staff wearing safety shoes. The safety shoes should have a toecap and a closed off heel, protection class level S1 at the lowest. Safety shoes can be bought at the fair’s Service Center or in most hardware stores.


Stockholmsmässan has security staff on hand 24 hours a day. They can always be reached at +46 (0)8-749 99 11. Only the exhibition venue’s security personnel may wear uniforms marked with “Security Guard” or “Guard” on Stockholmsmässan’s premises. It is up to each exhibitor and organizer to take required safety measures to ensure compliance with regulations and minimal risk of personal injury.

First aid

First aid is available in the venue. Resting rooms and first aid equipment are available at the Hall A entrance, and paramedics can be reached by calling +46 (0)8-749 41 61.


If you are witness to or victim of an accident, no matter how small, you must contact a Security Officer by calling +46 (0)8-749 99 11 or going to the security station at the main entrance.


Evacuation or partial evacuation, if necessary, will be managed through Stockholmsmässan’s internal alert system. In such a case, an announcement will be made over the public address system. Immediately leave the building via the closest exit and go to the nearest assembly point according to our staff’s instructions. Once at the assembly point, you will be given information about what is going to happen next. When the emergency has been resolved, you will be either allowed back into the venue or advised to return the next day. If the latter is the case, you will not be able to go back into the venue to retrieve any clothes, bags, etc.

Order early for lowest price

Place your order on time to ensure the best possible service from Stockholmsmässan and to make sure you receive the products and services you need. If you place your order well before the event (exact dates can be found in the Event Planner or on the website for each event), you will be rewarded with our lowest price on products and services. A 30% surcharge will be added to orders for all products and services that are received after the deadline. Orders that are placed during the official installation or during the event will be subject to a 50% surcharge. However, this does not apply to quotations, plants and stand catering.

    Fire safety

    Stockholmsmässan’s emergency exit routes and emergency exit doors must be kept completely clear for safety purposes. If they are blocked, Stockholmsmässan is entitled at your – the exhibitor’s or the organizer’s – expense to dismantle or alter the construction and remove anything that presents an obstacle. You may also not conceal or build in front of fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm buttons, signs or similar.

    Food smell and smoke

    If you are planning to prepare food in your stand, you need written permission from us since the preparation of food creates a smell. You might need a fan. This applies to all activities that create smoke, the smell of food or gases. To receive permission, please contact Event Services.

    Flammable activities

    You need a written permit from Stockholmsmässan before you may start flammable (hot) work, such as welding, soldering, cutting, grinding, drying, heating or open flames. This applies during the construction period, official installation, ongoing events and during dismantling and the tear-down period. A written permit is also required for the admission of explosives and pyrotechnics, as well as the handling of flammable liquids or gas. Apply for a permit from a safety supervisor no later than six weeks before the event.

    Packaging and other materials

    You are not allowed to keep packaging and other flammable materials in your stand or in the exhibition hall. Stockholmsmässan provides an empties storage service. Labels are available from the Service Center. Materials that you leave behind in your stand after the event is over will be classified as waste. You will be billed for resultant waste disposal costs.

    Stand ceiling, construction and decoration material

    Stand walls and ceilings should consist of fire-retardant materials or Euroclass B-s1, d0, i.e. as good as or better than wood. Chipboard, non-porous fiberboard, plywood and similar are acceptable. You should display the type approval or certificate from the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in your stand unless there is some other way for you to clearly show that approved material has been used. Ceilings for covered or enclosed stands exceeding 30 sq. m. require sprinklers or fireguards. You can order them from Event Services. You will be charged in accordance with the price list. Cloth ceilings and other décor must be impregnated against fire. Impregnation agents are available for purchase from the Service Center.

    Stand construction

    Structures facing open spaces

    We want the exhibition to make an open and attractive impression so we are restrictive about constructions that obstruct more than 1/3 of each open side of the stand. This may be permitted in exceptional cases, provided that such construction has received advance approval from Event Services and neighboring stands. You may not build or place decorations, signs or lighting across the aisles.

    Stand dimensions and private stand systems

    If an exhibit space with two partition walls is rented from Stockholmsmässan, the disposable stand width will decrease by three centimeters due to the construction of the partition walls. If you are going to build your own stand system, you must inform Event Services of this no later than four weeks prior to the event. Event Services can also provide assistance if you want the exact dimensions of the stand.

    Height review and height exposure

    We review everything that will be taller than 2.5 meters above the floor to ensure an attractive overall impression in the halls. The rule states that you may not obstruct another exhibitor, the construction must be safe and any other practical obstacles are not allowed. If you meet these requirements and inform your neighboring stands well in advance of the exhibition, you may build stand walls up to four meters in height. The side facing your neighbors should be white and smooth or as agreed between you and your neighbor. The exception to this rule is if you sell products that in their normal state are taller than 2.5 meters, such as cranes and flag poles. However, you may not hang a logo or company brand higher than 2.5 meters above the ground without an extra charge charge for exposure. Height exposure includes all logos, company names and brands that are placed higher than 2.5 meters. If the products you are selling that are more than 2.5 meters tall in their normal state have recognizable markings, this is considered to be marketing exposure. Height exposure may not obstruct other exhibitors, it must be safe and it may not present any other practical obstacles. It must also be approved by your neighbors. Stockholmsmässan is entitled to demand that a structure be dismantled if you have not received a permit for height exposure. Contact information for your neighboring stands can be found on the height approval notification. In Event Planner you can rent wires, hoists and other components that you can use for tall structures.


    Products containing organic solvents are strictly forbidden on Stockholmsmässan’s premises, for example contact adhesives, spray paint, paint with white spirits or thinners with solvents that are harmful to inhale. (The restrictions are in line with the provisions of the Swedish Environmental Code, Chapter 2, paragraphs 2-8, as well as the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s AFS 2000:4, paragraphs 4-5). A special permit for spray painting must be requested from Event Services. If you paint Stockholmsmässan’s stand walls, you are not permitted to restore them yourself. We will do this and you will be charged in accordance with the price list. Painting the floor in the hall is forbidden. Stockholmsmässan offers rugs and flooring in different materials and colors. We also offer painting of walls. If you want to use paint glossier than High Finish 5, hang paper or drill, you may do this if the wall is covered with chipboard. Please contact Event Services for a quotation.


    Only a certain type of woven tape is permitted for laying carpets. Approved tape can be bought at our Service Center. Please note that all tape must be removed after the event. Exhibitors/organizers will be billed for any floor damage.

    Stockholmsmässan’s stand walls

    Stockholmsmässan’s stand walls normally have the following dimensions: height 2.49 m, width 1.0 m and thickness approx. 34 mm. The material is white-painted fiberboard panels or similar. You should not hang heavy items on the stand walls. You can put up lightweight pictures and advertising materials (max. five kg per wall module). An electricity supply strip that cannot be removed is fitted to the upper edge of the wall. The walls are not appropriate for securing or supporting private stand systems in any way. The outer edges of stand walls are strengthened by support fixtures measuring 1.5 m in height and 0.37 m across the base. Support fixtures have been installed at 4-meter intervals along wall modules. Other forms of wall support may be used to hold stand walls together, including top and bottom brackets. No supports may be removed without permission from the hall manager. Supports can be replaced by other acceptable solutions. For more information, please contact Event Services or the Service Center during the official installation. You must remove any staples, self-adhesive pads, tape and similar from stand walls once the event is over. If you do not clear the walls, you will be billed for the time we spend carrying out the work, or for disposal of the wall if it is impossible to restore. A wall is considered to be ruined, for example, by any filling, screw holes, wallpaper or painting with colors that have not been approved by Stockholmsmässan. If you want to use paint glossier than High Finish 5, hang paper or drill, you may do this if the wall is covered with chipboard. Please contact Event Services for a quotation and pricing information for such a wall.

    Header fascia module

    If you want a header fascia module for your stand, for example for advertisements or as space for decoration at the height of the stand ceiling, it is supported by posts every three to four meters. It is also possible to have wires instead of posts to avoid having posts in the entrance to the stand. You will be billed in accordance with the price list. The header fascia module may not be used to support or secure private stand systems or materials but rather is only intended for lightweight advertising materials.

    Two-level stand

    If you want to build a second level for your stand that is accessible to visitors and exhibitors, you must send a written application accompanied by a stand drawing to Event Services no later than four weeks before the event. Remember that we may need to gather additional information about the construction, choice of material, etc., and that this can take time. If you submit your application too late, you risk having your application denied. You may not start construction without written permission. You also pay for the exhibit space on the upper level. Rules for two floors: * For safety reasons, the distance to the closest two-level stand must be at least 10 m. * The upper level may not be larger than 50% of the lower level exhibit space. * Overhead clearance in the lower level must be at least 2.3 m and no more than 2.5 m. The stand’s total height is not allowed to exceed 5 m. * Constructions for load-bearing joists, walls and ceilings must comply with the construction regulations set out in BBR and BKR as well as the authorities’ fire safety and evacuation regulations. Materials must be classified in accordance with fire safety regulations for a decreased risk of fire. * The number of stairways is determined by the walking distance to the nearest stairway (max 10 m). * The width of the stairway is determined by the surface area of the upper level. Up to 25 sq. m.: at least 0.8 m. For every additional 25 sq. m. = an additional 0.8 m. You can replace a 2 x 0.8 m stairway with a 1 x 1.2 m straight stairway. A spiral stairway must be at least 0.9 m wide.


    Work and 24-hour electricity

    The electricity for the stands is turned on every day one hour before the event opens and turned off one hour after closing. If you have refrigerators, freezers and computers or anything else that needs to run continuously, you need to order an electrical connection with 24-hour electricity. Place your order via the webshop at least three weeks before the event. Stockholmsmässan accepts no liability whatsoever for any products ruined because the exhibitor connected their own appliances to the regular power supply.

    Electricity network in sections

    The electricity network is divided into sections. For safety reasons, the electricity in a section cannot be connected until all installations within that section are completed.

    People allowed to install electricity

    All connections to the exhibition hall’s fixed installations must be carried out by Stockholmsmässan’s authorized service partner. Electrical installations in stands must be carried out by qualified electricians. All electrical installation and equipment must comply with relevant high-voltage regulations.

    Cable running and electrical power sockets

    Power supply skirting boards are installed up to Stockholmsmässan’s stand walls. Do not block these with your own materials. To run electricity to your stand, we will use the closest utility channels in the floor. Keep this in mind when you are marking your power sockets on the drawing, so you avoid difficult cable-running. The utility channels are usually marked by dotted lines on the placement proposal drawing. You may only use the electrical power sockets you have ordered. Spotlights may not extend more than 35 cm over an aisle.

    Water, heating and sanitation

    Keep in mind the placement of the utility channels in your stand when indicating on the drawing where you want to have the installations for water, heating and sanitation. This way you avoid the nuisance of pipes. The position of utility channels is usually marked by dotted lines on the placement proposal drawing. **How to get water and sanitation**: Water, heating and sanitation installations in the halls are connected to channels in the floor with two exceptions: 1. In the BC part of Hall B and the CA part of Hall C, the utility functions come from the ceiling. 2. When waste installations are run from the ceiling a pump is included. You determine where the pump should be placed in the stand. Please note that the pump is bulky: dimensions in Hall CA: 80x55x80cm (lxwxh), in Hall BC 100x23x45cm. Gallery AE has limited access to water and waste. The Entrance Hall and Victoria Hall have limited access to water. Galleries A and B are not equipped for water, heat and sanitation. Place your order via the webshop and identify the desired positioning via our drawing tool, Fusion.

      Air pressure

      Air pressure installations in the halls are connected to channels in the floor with two exceptions: 1. In the BC part of Hall B and the CA part of Hall C, the utility functions come from the ceiling. 2. Gallery AE, the Entrance Hall and Victoria Hall have limited access to air pressure. Galleries A and B are not equipped for air pressure. Place your orders via the webshop or from Event Services.


        Consumption of alcohol on the premises during installation is prohibited.

        Incoming goods

        When your goods arrive at Stockholmsmässan, they will be unloaded and received at Stockholmsmässan’s Goods Reception on Parkeringsvägen 10 in Älvsjö next to Stockholmsmässan’s East Entrance. If your goods arrive before official installation, they will be placed in storage so as not to impede preparations that are under way for the upcoming event. Once all building work is complete and the official installation begins, staff from Stockholmsmässan’s Logistics unit will drive your goods to the event hall or meeting room. You will be billed for storage costs according to the price list.

        Other installation times

        If the official installation times do not work well with your schedule or if your installation cannot be completed within the allotted time, you may apply for early or extended installation in the Event Planner or via In order to create the best possible working conditions for both exhibitors and our employees, it is important that you are aware of the following before you apply: * You must have ordered all products and services, including goods handling you need. Since the Service Center will be closed, you will not be able to order these services onsite during the earlier installation time or extended dismantling time. * You are not allowed to store any of your material in surrounding stands or in marked transport gangways. * Stockholmsmässan cannot guarantee that your ordered products and services will be delivered during the extended installation or dismantling times, but we will do our best to do so. * Stockholmsmässan’s instructions from security guards and hall managers must be followed. You will be billed per stand in accordance with the price list.

        Where to leave your goods

        Leave your goods at the loading bays for Halls A, B or C. Do not use the Main Entrance or East Entrance. Stockholmsmässan’s forklifts will transport the goods into the halls. Park you vehicle in the designated location as quickly as possible to avoid creating an obstruction for others. You are not allowed to drive or wheel your own vehicles, trailers or cars into the venue without a special permit. Exceptions can be made for work machines. Please contact Event Services. We provide transport service to/from the venue from/to the entire world, and we naturally can take care of the last leg in to the stand as well. If you have engaged your own transport company, it may deliver all the way to the stand. In this case you will not be charged by Stockholmsmässan for the transport of goods.

        Time for stand work

        The halls are normally open 7AM-8PM for installation work up to the day before the event, unless otherwise specified. The day before the event, all building work and all transports with forklifts must be completed no later than 4PM. After 4PM we will only drive away your empties for storage. The empties must be marked with our special labels, which you can pick up at the Service Center. We do not take responsibility for goods left in the packaging.

        Do not block the aisles

        We start laying the carpet runners in the halls at 4PM on the day before the event starts. You may still be in your stand after 4PM, but remove all goods and other items from the aisles. We have the right to remove any remaining goods and store them at your expense. Installation times and the point at which the carpet runners will be laid can vary. Exact times can be found in the Event Planner or on your event’s website. If you are an exhibitor at a congress or another event with an external organizer, you will receive exact times and details from the organizer or Stockholmsmässan.

        Goods transport during the event

        For safety reasons, goods transports during an ongoing event may only take place one hour before the event opens. Otherwise, only lighter goods may be brought in.


        You can begin dismantling your stand as soon as the event closes. However, remain within your own exhibit space until the carpet runners have been removed and stored goods and empties have been brought to the hall. This will ensure that the dismantling process proceeds as smoothly as possible for everyone. You can then access loading bays as instructed by Stockholmsmässan’s staff. Consumption of alcohol on the premises during dismantling is prohibited. Event halls are generally open for dismantling until 12PM the first night. Exact times can be found in the Event Planner or the event’s website.

        Do not leave anything behind

        Carefully mark all goods that will be picked up by a transport company. Stockholmsmässan is entitled to remove or store items that have been left behind for five days, or deliver them to an agreed address at the exhibitor’s expense. Unmarked goods will be disposed of if we do not successfully manage to identify the owner. You can facilitate your transportation task by using Stockholmsmässan’s Door-Stand-Door service. We take care of your returns. Read more about the service at, on your event’s website or in the Event Planner.

        Dismantling routes

        Dismantling is carried out at the loading bays in Halls A, B and C. You may not use the Main Entrance or East Entrance. Contact our staff when you are ready to remove your belongings. You may not drive or wheel your own transport vehicles, trailers or cars into the halls.

        Extended dismantling times

        If the official dismantling times do not work well with your schedule, you may apply for extended dismantling in the Event Planner, at or on the event’s website. In order to create the best possible working conditions for both exhibitors and our employees, please note that you need the following before you apply: * You must have ordered all products and services you need, including goods handling. Since the Service Center will be closed, you will not be able to order these services onsite during the earlier installation time or extended dismantling time. * You are not allowed to store any of your material in surrounding stands or in marked transport gangways. * Stockholmsmässan cannot guarantee that your ordered products and services will be delivered during the extended installation or dismantling times, but we will do our best. * Stockholmsmässan’s instructions from security guards and hall managers must be followed. Extended dismantling times will be billed per stand in accordance with the price list.

        Transportation and storage

        Goods address

        Goods for an event: Stockholmsmässan Goods Reception “Event Name” “Company” “Stand Number or Conference Room” Parkeringsvägen 10 SE-125 30 Älvsjö (Stockholm) Sweden


        Stockholmsmässan has limited storage space. We charge a storage fee for goods that arrive before official installation or are collected after official dismantling. If you leave goods behind after the official dismantling period, we will store them at your expense. Unlabeled goods that cannot be identified will be discarded. The storage of goods costs SEK 235/cbm for five days at a time.

        Storage of packaging

        We can help you store your empties during the event. They must be empty and labeled no later than 4PM on the last move-in date. Label them with our stickers, which are available from Goods Reception and the Service Center. Place the empties such that they can easily be picked up by our forklifts. This service cannot be pre-ordered. See all prices in our Eventservicecatalogue. The minimum charge is for 2 cbm. You will not be able to access your empties during the event.

        Book loading and unloading

        If you have not booked loading/unloading, book later than five days in advance or fail to arrive at the appointed time, we add a surcharge of 50 % to the regular price. Regular price is SEK 235 per pallet and lift. Notify your transport company or stand constructor about your booked time well in advance. Timing fee will be charged for reservation, SEK 300. You can easily make your booking via Event Planner, at or the event’s website.

        Show transit documents

        When you arrive at Stockholmsmässan with goods under customs control, you must show Goods Reception’s logistics unit the transit documents from Swedish Customs. Before your goods can be placed in your stand, we will send the transit document to Swedish Customs for approval. We charge a customs administration fee for this service. The minimum charge is one hour.

        Same weight

        You may store goods under customs control with us for 20 days from the day they arrive at the halls in accordance with the provisions of Swedish Customs. The number of packages and pallets and the weight must be identical on arrival and on departure.

        Show the customs release note

        After the event is over, you must be able to show the customs release note you received from customs for our logistics unit before you may move your goods. If you do not have a customs release note and therefore may not move your belongings, you will be charged for storage and forklift transports.

        Goods that disappear

        If goods under customs control are sold, thrown away or disappear from Stockholmsmässan without the delivery of a customs release note to our logistics unit, as the exhibitor you will be billed for any extra costs involved in searching for the goods, VAT or other types of official fees. Avoid delays by turning in your documents to the logistics unit well in advance.

        Food and drink

        Mässrestauranger AB is Stockholmsmässan’s sole food and beverage partner.

        Alcohol at Stockholmsmässan

        Mässrestauranger AB has a license to serve alcohol in all of Stockholmsmässan’s restaurants, halls and conference facilities. This means that exhibitors must go through Mässrestauranger if you want to offer beer, wine or liquor in your stand. If you run out of alcohol during the event, you can order more and have it quickly delivered. You may not serve alcohol before 11AM or to people under the age of 18. A special alcohol permit is required if you plan on serving alcohol after the event has closed. Consumption of alcohol on the premises during installation and dismantling is prohibited.

        Order catering well in advance

        Remember that you must book food at least five days in advance from Mässrestauranger AB to ensure on-time delivery. Express orders have a limited selection. If you have special needs, please call Mässrestauranger. If you would like to rent a coffeemaker or other type of machine you should book this three weeks in advance.

        Meal coupons for exhibitors

        Lunch coupons are available in different amounts and are sold in booklets of ten. You can use the coupons at all of Stockholmsmässan’s restaurants and cafés. Coupons can be bought by credit card at the exhibitor dining hall or in the Flavour Bar in the Entrance Hall. If you would like to buy coupons and pay by invoice, Mässrestauranger will need your invoicing address, delivery address, CIN and name of the person who will be picking up the coupons. You must place your order at least five days before the event. The booklet of coupons will be sent to you by registered mail. There is also a shipping fee (around SEK 80) and an administrative fee (SEK 125).


        Sustainable waste management

        Stockholmsmässan is committed to sustainable waste management. We sort our waste for recycling in cooperation with our supplier, EF Miljöstäd. Throw away and sort your waste at the waste disposal stations in the halls and loading zones. There you will find containers for leftover paint, light bulbs, fluorescent strip lights, batteries, electronics, oils, etc. If you leave material behind in your stand or the event hall after the official move-out date, it will be classified as waste and we will be forced to charge you for this waste. Your stand and the event hall must be left in the same condition as you found them.

        Large quantities of waste

        If you have large quantities of waste, please contact Event Services or visit our Service Center while the event is in progress and we will help you order waste removal. You can facilitate the handling of large amounts of wooden waste by placing it on a pallet and marking it as “waste”. This is at no extra charge.

        Food waste

        Exhibitors who intend to offer food can order a special container from Event Services for food waste. This should be clearly labeled and placed outside your stand. The container is emptied every day. During the day, you can empty the container at the waste disposal stations in the loading zones.