We have created a whole series of posters for children with art expressions from film productions from children’s filmsFilms that we used are widely known as Godnattstunden made by Beppe Wolter. The film is based on Beppe’s picture book enchantments. Emil in Lönneberga is a classic where Emil and his sister Ida lived in Lönneberga.

Most often, Emil ended up in the carpenter’s hut where he carved knives.The ghost Laban who lives with his mother and little sister Labolina in a castle.

Laban becomes friends with Little Prince’s mischief and invents as much craziness as a child could wish for, Little Anna who is small but brave and Tall Uncle who is very tall and scared.

The two are best friends and come up with a lot together.Above are just a few examples of films we have used when creating posters from children’s films. Go to our website poster and choose the posters that suit you and the children’s room.