A new event is created, the Bioeconomy Innovation Forum

The forest industry is rapidly changing and there is a strong focus on new innovative products for different purposes. It is time to integrate new product sectors into the traditional pulp & paper exhibitions. Bioeconomy Innovation Forum is not only a meeting place for professionals from the forest industry, it is a meeting place between the forest industry and other manufacturing industries interested in biobased suistainable solutions. Bioeconomy Innovation Forum is part of International Wood Biorefining Week.

Focus areas

The Bioeconomy Innovation Forum will focus on new innovations and products from the forest industry. The focus will be on Nanocellulose, Biolastics and composites, Textile fibres, Carbon fibres from lignin, Consumer packaging, Biochemicals and Constructions.

The Forum

Bioeconomy Innovation Forum will not be a traditional exhibition – instead the exhibiting companies will participate in networking islands or ministands. The event is designed in order to enable efficient meetings in an inspiring environment. The conference area will be in direct connections with the forum, offering good networking possibilities together with the conference delegates.

The Conference

The conference will be held in direct connection to the event area but in separate facilities in order to guarantee the quality. The most interesting speakers for the different focus areas will be handpicked by the conference organizer Nordisk Papperstidning / Nordic Paperjournal together with the conference partners Innventia and VTT. Company and sales presentations will be arranged at another stage in the event area. The conference will be available by separate conference pass.

Cross-industry dialogue

The forest industry has a lot of interesting products and solutions to offer other manufacturing industries. For the upcoming forum, our main focus is to integrate the forest industry with other industries. This means that the event will not only be marketed within the traditional forest industry as former events. Instead the event will be marketed to interesting targeting groups from different manufacturing industries with an interest in innovative biobased products from the forest industry. Example of target groups for the visitor marketing: Automotive industry, Packaging industry, Chemical industry, Construction industry, Retailing industry, Textile industry.

Mentor Communications, partner of the event, is the leading media company in Sweden publishing 30 different magazines for decisions makers within the industry. Mentor Communications will play a key role when it comes to connecting the different industries.

Why Bioeconomy Innovation Forum?

Adforum is frequently making surveys among their visitors and exhibitors. In a rapidly changing forest industry, exhibitors and visitors were not satisfied with an event focusing solely on pulp and paper. There was a clear wish to integrate other areas of the industry and especially a new forum focusing on new products and innovations in the forest industry. Producers of biobased products want to meet with their customers and not only their suppliers and own employees. Suppliers of machinery for the forest industry do also have a clear interest in meeting their end users.  


Exhibitors: Companies involved in various biorefining areas.

Visitors: Experts from both the forest industry and other manufacturing industries interested in biobased solutions. We expect approximately 2000 international experts from different industries to take part in the event.